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Wuivend riet

26 Apr 2012 / in Other

Ik kan er niks aan doen: ik heb iets met riet. Vooral als het voor een laagstaande zon staat te dansen. Mooi met een lange sluitertijd. —- Leica M8 with 35 summicron

Beautiful light

12 Apr 2012 / in Other

While walking with Rinus the Ridgeback. —- Leica M8 with 35 summicron


29 Mar 2012 / 0 Comments / in Street

While having a quick bite at MacDonalds I spotted this couple. I guessed focus, put the M8 on the table and took some shots wide open. —- Leica M8 with 35 summicron

The trawler

20 Mar 2012 / 0 Comments / in Street

I came across – though that might not be the right expression – this huge trawler in the harbour of Scheveningen. Huge, huge! —- Leica M8 with Nokton 35/1.2


strand, zonsondergang
14 Mar 2012 / 0 Comments / in Uncategorized

A beach doesn’t need a flaming sunset to make it worth visiting. The sensation of of the sea getting darker every minute and the ever present wind makes it an interesting place to be. And as it turns out again, if the setting is good, a simple composition works best.

The beach

strand, zee, zand, fotografie
11 Mar 2012 / 0 Comments / in Editorial

Today was the first beautiful day in Holland and lots of people took advantage of it. So did this guy, playing with his daughters. That means, they were playing, he watched them play… —- Leica M8 with 50 summicron