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Preview for Leica M tutorial

Afbeelding 46
23 Jan 2014 / in Leica Workshops

After many requests I have uploaded one spread from my Leica M tutorial. The e-book is all about learning to focus your rangefinder in a quick and accurate way. There is new – and known – information, but the exercises are the most important part of the tutorial. They are designed to improve your skills […]

‘Work your Leica M’ tutorial on

How to focus your Leica M
20 Jan 2014 / in Leica Workshops

It’s amazing how fast the Leica comunity found their way to my tutorial on focussing your Leica M, or other type of rangefinder camera. Comments are very positive and I’ve received quite a lot of emails from people asking if I’m going to make any more tutorials. Well, I probably will, but for now, you’ll […]

Focus your Leica M!

Documentary photographer Joeri van der Kloet teaches his student to use their rangefinder faster and more accurate.
15 Jan 2014 / in Leica Workshops

Working with a rangefinder is one of the coolest things you can do as a photographer. Focusing your Leica requires some skill however. In his workshops in Den Haag, The Netherlands, Joeri teaches his students to master their rangefinder. An increase in speed and accuracy is always the results of proper training. For his workshops, […]

Leica M focussing tutorial online and for sale

focus your Leica M
07 Jan 2014 / in Leica Workshops

I have been working on my tutorial for quite some time now and it’s finally done! In 14 very effective exercises you’ll learn to focus quick and accurately. You can purchase the e-book here.  

Leica workshop straatfotografie

leica workshop street photography
07 Dec 2013 / in Leica Workshops

Voor veel fotografen is het mogen fotograferen met een Leica camera een droom, maar met Luta, gevestigd in Den Haag, kun je zoiets gewoon een keer uitproberen. Het werken met de volledig mechanische meetzoeker, het timen, de prachtig scherpe prime-lenzen; het hoort het allemaal bij. Meer weten? Klik hier  

Leica Workshops English

Luta Leica workshop
23 Nov 2012 / in Leica Workshops

NEWS: I HAVE MADE A NEW WEBSITE FOR MY DEDICATED LEICA CONTENT. Not too many people can make a living with their Leica M camera. In wedding photography there are even less people able to do so. There is a reason most wedding photographers prefer to work with a DSLR: they are much cheaper and […]