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Request downloadlink for ‘Work your Leica M’

Luta bruidsfotograaf Den Haag
07 Feb 2014 / in Leica Workshops

Thanks for your interest in my e-book! I’m glad you liked it so much, that you even want to have a PDF. If you haven’t bought my e-book yet, you can buy it now in PDF here   If you already bought my e-Book or hardcopy through Blurb, you can request a free download for […]

Focus your Leica M!

Documentary photographer Joeri van der Kloet teaches his student to use their rangefinder faster and more accurate.
15 Jan 2014 / in Leica Workshops

Working with a rangefinder is one of the coolest things you can do as a photographer. Focusing your Leica requires some skill however. In his workshops in Den Haag, The Netherlands, Joeri teaches his students to master their rangefinder. An increase in speed and accuracy is always the results of proper training. For his workshops, […]